In the Motherland, One Action at a Time

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Things spinning out of control and I find myself working on the assembly line to help increase production. Luckily I brought along a nice set of Snap-On gloves!

Zhang, 3rd on the left, cooks a mean curry and Sue, 7th on the right, is currently the bottleneck in the line.

Break is over, back to work! Hope to have more detailed updates next week.

SamIn the Motherland, One Action at a Time

Comments 2

  1. Horace

    Peon #34551231, how dare you to slack off to blog! The foreman (top left corner) already took note of that, one less steamed bun for your dinner.

  2. Scarlette

    I’m looking at this while I’m in class. The picture is scary at how long that line is. The people around me thinks its insane!

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