Candids Shots with Pentax 645

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Rather than going out to search for material, I wanted to document the simple and routine acts in life. Often these are the moments we miss and come to treasure in the future.
Film used: Fujifilm Pro 400H.

My favorite photo is my dad showing off his super scissors.

Hemming a new pair of pants in the living room.

Taking a stroll near Mt.Pleasant Cemetery.

40 minute long exposure to capture the meteor shower.

Playing with Ben and Lilian at church.

Uncle Eric lifting her high in the air!

Double Happiness!

Lunch with Kathy and her mom @ Thai Princess, taken with the MC Arsat 30mm f/3.5

Click the following links if you are interested to see the first roll, second roll taken with the Pentax 645. Or more photos taken with film.

SamCandids Shots with Pentax 645

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