Hiking in Adirondacks Pt.I

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Adirondack Park is located in the northeastern part of New York state that covers approximately 6.1 million acres (24,700 km²). It is part of the Appalachian Mountains and contains the 46 High Peaks.

The planning came together pretty last minute, since when we had meetings they quickly turned into a night of boardgames.

After we crossed the border, we found a Wal-Mart and loaded up on groceries. The food was so cheap and 4X the normal servings.

All packed up and good to go.

We arrived at the camp site rather late and had to setup camp, filter water, and cook before it gets dark.

Oh, warm food, so tasty!

This was the first time we have ever used a lean-to. It was very convenient and kept our gear dry throughout the night.

Starting back up the next day. We left most of our gear behind and only carried our daypacks.

It had rained steadily throughout the night so the ground was very muddy. And in the open areas it was very windy!

We had to cross a lot of streams along the way from the spring run-off.

Breaking for lunch just below the tree-line. Layer up then push for the summit.

The weather started to clear up.

And just as we got through the treeline the sun peeked out from the clouds.

Without trees, we were being bombarded by 40-50mph winds as we were scrambling up the slippery rocks. In the background is Algonquin Peak at 5114 ft (1559 m), we were at 4059 ft (1237 m) on Porter Mountain.

After a brief stay to enjoy the view we had to carefully make our way down.

Kenny doing his thing.

Going down was even more dangerous. Especially for Horace, who deferred his knee MRI appointment to go on this trip.

Part II talks about the ascend of Cascade Mountain

SamHiking in Adirondacks Pt.I

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  1. Zhen Lu

    Wow, this stretch of mountain is 25 times as big as the whole territory of Hong Kong.
    how did u guys invade into the US territory ?

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