Hiking in Adirondacks Pt.II

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Continuing from Part I of our hiking trip in the Adirondacks Park.

In the 4 days we experienced all sorts of weather conditions. On the 3rd day we woke up with 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground, here is Ludwik defrosting his boots. I dreaded putting on my frozen boots, as my toes would be freezing for the next couple of hours.

Unsure of the weather forecast we packed everything and returned to the visitor center for some updates.

In the snow covered forest, it was so quiet.

Taking a break to enjoy the scenery.

With a promising forecast for Monday we decided to stay in the park. In the afternoon, we decided to challenge Cascade Mountain.

However, we had driven too far and spent 45minutes climbing up a waterfall and wondered why it was so difficult….

As we neared the peak. It was snowing hard with strong winds.

Last push to the peak in the deep snow.

White-out at the top of Cascade Mountain – 4098 ft (1249 m). It was an amazing experience even with the snow blowing sideways and very low visibiity.

That night we had a nice campfire and had a huge success making popcorn (usually it ends up being a giant fireball…).

Brian reviewing some of the footage from the peak.

Our last day at the park brought fair weather, we were very excited.

We packed everything into our rental Ford Flex. It was a tank.

Ludwik leading the way looking for trail makers in the snow covered paths.

It was quite slippery with snow and ice covering the rocks. But going up was easier than going down.

Taking in the panoramic view at 3352 ft (1022 m).

The brothers being silly.

The lookout to the other mountains in the region.

Kenny living on the edge.

Brian and his best friend. I still don’t know how he felt safe letting go of the tripod.

Chief Hojo.

Back to the ground level and start on the journey home.

SamHiking in Adirondacks Pt.II

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  1. Horace

    Nice re-cap of the trip. The snow really did make it more special, challenging, and beautiful.

    We need Kenny’s dramatic video to keep things in perspective haha. <- Brian, can you upload that somewhere?

  2. Brian

    Alright, I’ll post it soon… There should be a feed option for all comments, not post specific. I just saw these comments by chance.

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