Dongguan, China

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For the last 2 weeks, I had stayed primarily in Dongguan, China. We have been very busy with work so haven’t wandered too far away from the office, hotel, or the main restaurant district.

Incidentally, I realized I had written another post, “Life in China” in July of 2008, during my internship. Things have changed a lot in the city, there are construction cranes everywhere and the government have drastically reduced the number of motorcycles on the road. However, it is still so much fun to see the bikes, boats, and daily life in China!

Dinner time in the buggy!

Urban planning in China: why do they laid down the roads before the buildings?

Evenings in the square, family come out to chat, dance, and let their kids roam free.

SamDongguan, China

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  1. Hong

    “Urban planning in China: why do they laid down the roads before the buildings?”

    Because it’s easier to get construction equipment to the sites if there’s a road?

  2. zhen

    Hong must be a well trained engineer; but the reality in china drives me to speculate that it is more likely due to that the government officials can take bribery from the contractors even though the road would be useless in the next five year.

  3. Sam

    Haha, Zhen you are right about Hong! I am not sure what the real story is for the major intersection, just want to bring up the interesting setting in China. :)

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