Cottage Weekend!

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Jenn was very kind to invite us high school friends to her cottage over the long weekend!

View from the living room.

Breakfasts consist of french toast, scrambled eggs, hash brown, bacon, and fried bananas!

The entire group crammed onto the row boat for the group photo. :)

Walking over to a nearby resort for some Frisbee and ice cream.

Project of the week: BBQ Turtle. The girls have never seen the boys so focused before.

Jerry showing off his skillful weaving of bacon shell.

We dropped them off at the grill. With 17 layers of meat we had to turn down the fire….

However, the bacon lit all the coals on fire and the neighbors came knocking telling us the grill was on fire! FAIL.

Early celebration for Andrea’s birthday, this time with a control burn.

In the afternoon we took the boats out to the lake.

Jenn was cruising around in her surfboard.

Scarlette was the expert at catching sun fish.

Amazing! Andrea scored this giant bass, it was pretty intense reeling it in. We released it afterward.

Pot Roast and vegetables….yup more food.

Camp fire and s’morse. Yum!

SamCottage Weekend!

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