New England Aquarium Photoshoot Pt.I

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A couple weeks ago I visited Boston for a few days and spent some time in the Aquarium.

This time I was primarily working with the seal trainers and focusing on the lesser known animals in the Aquarium.

Myrtle, the green sea turtle, swimming in the Giant Ocean Tank. She is at least 70 years old and weights over 500lbs.

The Sand Tiger Shark, never in a hurry.

A Cow Nose Ray swimming by.

This is a very strange looking fish. Apparently poisionous.

Small shark.

An amphibious fish living with the green Anaconda.

It is so slimey…

A shrimp in the Pacific Reef tank.

This was a really neat jellyfish, it is about the size of your finger nail but has little lights moving in its bloodstream.

Norther Fur Seals in the new Marine Mammal Center.

Seal scratching himself.

A child picked from the audience to interact with the seals.

More to come next week!

SamNew England Aquarium Photoshoot Pt.I

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  1. Regine

    beautiful pictures…what do you feel when you look at these sea animals face to face? focusing on capturing their move? Neat, really Neat!! :)

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