New England Aquarium Photoshoot Pt.II

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Continuing from Part I of the photo series taken from the New England Aquarium, this time onto different animal types.

I was able to join the trainings sessions for the Atlantic Harbor Seals.

The trainer performing a visual inspection.


Tea-time at 3pm. They were so coorperative when hungry!

High five with a child. She was startled that the seal could leap so high out of the water!

Greeting the visitors.

A small eel-like animal that I stumbled upon.

This fish has suction cups on its belly and can stick to the glass vertically.

Starfish in the wave pool.

Whale watching with Captain Debb, perfect conditions with blue skies and calm sea conditions.

Passenger spotted a whale in the distance.

Close encounter with a Minke Whale, breaking the surface for fresh air.

SamNew England Aquarium Photoshoot Pt.II

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