Tai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong

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Recently got around to scanning the Yashica Mat-124G negatives taken during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

Even with the instant feedback and convenience of digital systems, it is another beast altogether to use the light-meter, set all the dials, cock the shutter, and focus on the subject.

I ventured out to Tai Po Market one Sunday just to wander around the local parks and markets.

The elderly looking after their grandchildren.

Others playing ‘bone’ cards, a traditional Chinese card game.

Convenience store in the midst of government housing.

Roasted chestnuts are great in the cold weather!

A lot of people were buying groceries for New Years family gatherings.

SamTai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong

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  1. Horace

    Love these shots, you certainly have an eye for the ordinary lives of people (markets!), and apparently cats as well haha.

    Man, I gotta go out and shoot some more!

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