Cuba Pt.II

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Continuing on our journey in Cuba, my dad found out that he had lost his VISA while clearing customs and we are on a mission to find a replacement.

We brought along the Canadian winter and fierce winds, resulting in the coldest December in the past 50 years.

We stood on a hill-top and saw this unsuspecting man get hit by a wave.

The waves battering the seawall.

The people along the way were helpful but kept pointing us to the wrong places. Turns out it was a great opportunity for us to tour different areas that we hadn’t plan on visiting.

A dog watching the street below.

Cars of the revolution!

We came across a farmer’s market where the locals were loading up their trucks.

Even though it was still a moderate 17DegC the locals were donning on scarves and gloves.

Pig head anyone?

Parents got grabbed into a photo.

The most antique lawn mower in operation. I had to take a photo of this.

Press doorbell for BAJOS.

SamCuba Pt.II

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  1. Regine

    How beautiful is the smile of the guy showing the pig head!! the shot of the man who got hit by the waves is so well-timed :)

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