Snowplate 2011 – Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs

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Mom: Where are you going?
Me: Sudbury (3.5hr north of Toronto)
Mom: What are you doing there?
Me: Frisbee…outdoors, with snow.

And that is what I did in the past weekend. Meeting up with teams from all over Ontario in 1ft of snow chasing a Frisbee. But it was fun!

We were the Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs, a merger between pirates and goulash chefs.

Saturday 8:30AM, getting ready. Everyone putting on triple layers and snowpants.

Hung showing off his (patent pending) double-walled plastic bag with dress shoes crampons.

It was snowing heavily, providing a constant supply of fresh powder to dive on.

Kevin show us how it is done, leaps out behind the defender to score a point.

Jumping into knee-deep snow to find the disc.

Snowplate humus & bagel lunch!

“Would you like to walk the plank…please?”

Ludwik laying out to save the disc!


I accumulated various items over the weekend, like a pirate cape and bunny hats.

Damian catching some air!

Our trophy and spirit prizes!

Relaxing on the sidelines after!

We played a total of 6 games and ended with a 3-3 record. It was so much fun and full of spirit, until next year!
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SamSnowplate 2011 – Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs

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