Amazing D-SLR Image Details.

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Modern Technology is quite impressive. It is amazing to think that consumer cameras nowadays can have 16-20MP resolutions. To illustrate the resolving power of a modern DSLR I have taken a photo from my recent trip to Havana, Cuba. Starting with this image of 3 classic cars.

Focusing on the front tip of the bumper. Photo was taken with Pentax K20D and DA 18-250mm.

Zooming in on the fortress, which is across the bay.

Zeroing in the lighthouse.

After some filtering to extract the final details, you can make out the individual people on the lighthouse!


SamAmazing D-SLR Image Details.

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  1. Horace

    Haha, I love this post. Very geeky…

    One can also make an argument for the virtues of classic chrome bumper!

  2. Brandon DeHart

    This is awesome! It’s like the CSI “enhance that” but it actually exists!

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