Long Weekend in Boston!

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Over the Victoria Weekend, Carmen and I took and extra 2 days and drove down to Boston to explore and visit some friends.

The weather was gorgeous and people were taken advantage of the nice weather. We strolled through the Boston Commons.

Went to the fair with Tim, my roommate from my co-op days, who also generous let us crash at his place :)

Met up with Maren and she took us hiking at the Mount Auburn Cemetery where we got to climb to the top of the observatory tower.

A robin nest right outside Andy’s house, they are probably fully grown now.

Cooper, such a tough fighter even with multiple surgeries to his back.

These two were taken by Carmen with the LX3…I really like them!

Just happened that the New England Aquarium received a new Northern Fur Seal pup rescued from a California beach and I had the opportunity to go in for a quick shoot.

The new pup’s name is Leu (pronounced “Lou”), short for Aleutian. He arrived on May 19th weighting about 20lbs, but will grow to be around 600lbs.

He is quite a character (as you can see here) and was already really friendly to the staff already!

Our DJ and reliable stead through the rapidly changing weathers.

SamLong Weekend in Boston!

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