Cottage in Tobermory

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A weekend trip away from the city to Tobermory. A couple years ago we did a hike at Bruce Peninsula on the Bruce Trail.

Doug & Susan, the owner of the cottage which we stayed for the weekend. Thank you again!

The interior of the cottage, all the wood came from the trees that were on the lot itself.

We got right down into unloading and preparing lunch. The homemade beef patties were so good!

Also have to feed our little greedy friend. He would scratch our toes if we are asleep or not feeding him.

Going out to the lake on 2 kayaks and canoe. It got a little rough so we had to turn around.

Next day we headed for some hiking/swimming at Half Way Log Dump, on the other side of the peninsula.

The water was super clear and we spent a couple hours climbing around the boulders and jumping into the deep spots.

Unwinding at the dock, catching the last bit of sun.

After dark, as we were putting out the bonfire, we discovered there are crayfish in the shallow ponds. Hung was the master at catching them!

We even caught a frog! Don’t worry we set them free shortly after.

SamCottage in Tobermory

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