Weekend in London & Stratford

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This past weekend Carmen & I drove to London, Ontario to spend a couple days with On the way home we stopped at Horace.

We started early on Saturday to the farmer’s market in London.

Giant mushroom….I want to grill it and eat it whole!

We also got lessons in coffee bean roasting and learn about how they get their aroma.

Making our way to Stratford and wandering around the downtown district. A gloomy day as Hurricane Sandy affects the entire NA East Coast.

Fall decorations.

A walk along the waterfront as we head toward the Festive Theatre to watch a performance.

It is the tail end of the 60th Stratford Festive and we caught the last show for “Much Ado About Nothing”, it was splendid.

On the way home we stopped at Rudy’s Caboose Bed & Breakfast in Tavistock, about 15min drive from Stratford.

Horace was staying in this Bed & Breakfast in his previous rotation so we got a tour of the 1910 CNR caboose.

Fascinating collection in Bob & Joan’s house as well!

We feel like children admiring the trains running throughout the entire house.

SamWeekend in London & Stratford

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  1. jsunkistc

    if you go in the summer, you can get an amazing face to face shot of swans on the lake from a paddleboat!

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