Philippines: Tinglayan & Nearby Villages

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Arriving in Tinglayan after our rooftop bus ride, we ventured into the village to get settled in the guest house.

It was amazing with all the native animals running around with no barriers or gates.

After dropping off our packs, we got a quick tour into Ambato Legleg, the village just down the river.

A woman harvesting the rice from her field, they bundle it up and then tie it together.

Then it started raining and we had to make some umbrellas.

The children in Ambato Legleg enjoying some candies.

View of Ambato Legleg from across the river.

Native ducks, why are all the native animals so much more colorful?

A jeepney passing by towards Tabuk.

We met Victor Baculi, a famous guide within the region. When we met him he had just come back from the funeral of his brother-in-law, who had fallen down a slope while collecting coffee beans.
He shared some of his life stories with us over a cup of mountain coffee, while his grandchildren run in & out of the house.

The next day we crossed the river and waited by the side of the road for a Jeepney.

It was high season for the holidays so we had to sit on top of people’s knees for our short trip.

Each journey forms a temporary bond with the passengers that collectively sway and work together to fit into the vehicle, and then dissipates once you hop off and wave goodbye.

A pig being carried to a nearby village for the Christmas celebration.

Arriving in Buscalan, we pay a visit to Whang Od – the last Karlinga mambabatek (Tattoo artist) involving charcoal and orange thorn. Whang Od is 92 year old and do not rely on glasses or additional tools, you can see some of the intrigue patterns along her arms.

A woman pounding on the rice stalks to break the shells.

Leaving Buscalan and cross a valley to Butbut.

We stopped for lunch at Butbut and Carmen got to test the locally made bicycle.

We continued West to the village of Ngibat, where we hear music playing. Upon inquiring with our guide we learned that there is a wedding celebration underway.

The ceremony had taken place in the morning and the two villages were gathered to celebrate, we walked around to talk to the locals. Here the men are splitting bamboo sticks to make meat skewers.

The women gather to chat and tend to the children.

Suddenly, the people formed a line and started passing plates of rice to the ends.

Pot of meat & soup was circled and scooped into bowls. The villagers told us we had to join the feast for the newly wed’s good luck.

The villagers thought that it was really funny we were squatting down to eat just like them. We found out it is carabao (water buffalo) meat, it was the toughest thing I have ever eaten. When they gave us a scoop of ‘carabao inside’ – a black, gooey soup we couldn’t take the smell and kindly put our plate down.

Apparently the visiting village got to eat first due to their return trip. Shortly after the meal we followed the villagers on a steep descent down to the main roads and back to Luplupa.

SamPhilippines: Tinglayan & Nearby Villages

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