Philippines: Tinglayan to Clark

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Due to the Christmas Holidays, we were told there won’t be any more buses/jeepneys so we had to leave Tinglayan 2 days earlier.

In the short few days we were there, we already feel attached to the friendly people within this little village.

We hopped onto a jeepney that connects to the City of Tabuk.

The jeepney made frequent stops along the way to pick up more passengers & cargo.

It was quite full when we were nearing the city.

Another jeepney heading into the mountains.

We arrived at Tabuk, a junction for the local region with not much else than the main avenue. We quickly transferred to another van which took us to Tuguegarao.
When we tried to reschedule our ‘fully refundable & fully adjustable’ flight with Airphil Express, we were hit with a change fees 3 times the cost of the tickets. So in the end we decided to cancel the local flight and take the overnight bus back to Clark.

In total we spent about 17hrs in transit to get back to Clark Airport, that was rough. On Christmas Day, we went to the airport, got our flights moved up, and flew back to Hong Kong.

That concludes our ‘honeymoon’ in the Philippines! Hope you enjoyed the adventure along the way. :)

SamPhilippines: Tinglayan to Clark

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