Hoi Tin Garden Restaurant [海天花園酒家] in Tuen Mun

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Per grandpa’s recommendation, we went to Hoi Tin Garden Restaurant [海天花園酒家] for lunch one day. Rated as one of the top 10 seafood restaurants in Asia by The Asian Wall Street Journal, the restaurant certainly lived up to the expectation.

Taking the mini-bus from Tsing Ye, we arrived at the Sam Sing district of Tuen Mun, the restaurants are flanked by a row of seafood stalls full of pumps humming and seafood sorted by type & size. You wander up and down the stretch to see what is fresh and fits your budget.

After picking a shop, the clerks would recommend the freshest varieties and also the price.

You pick the seafood and specify how it is to be cooked. The stalls would pass the catch & order to the restaurant for preparation.

After buying from the shop, they took me behind the shop to get a peek of where the boats come unload and the storage tanks for the stalls. We pay for the seafood portion then head into the restaurant.

The food was amazing, but sadly I didn’t take any photos of it. Too hungry! It was a sweltering day outside but I couldn’t resist staying on the terrace to watch the harbor.

The restaurant charges for each seafood dish prepared (different styles have varying costs), drinks, appetizers, entrees. It was a pretty size-able bill all said and done, but a worthy experience once in a while.

Going to the pier to meet the fishermen returning from a day’s catch.

SamHoi Tin Garden Restaurant [海天花園酒家] in Tuen Mun

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