Hotel Rooftop Adventure

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This is a story about our adventure exploring a hotel in Dongguan China.
I was late to check-in to the hotel and they only had the premium suite. The only difference I can see that it is on the top floor (25/F) and the bathroom walls are made of glass panels…

The next day I requested a switch to a normal room. The receptionist informed me they are fully booked but would I be interested in a room on the 27th floor for a cheaper price..but there are no windows. Wow, I know the elevator only goes up to 25th floor so what is above that?

Talked to Adam & Ian and we decided to do a little bit of exploring…after taking a few flights of stairs we find a series of rooms that resemble dormitories and surrounded by a concrete wall on the outside. It was very quiet. On the way back we discovered a series of pipes running beneath the stairs and decided to take a look.

Ian found a broken lock in the fence and we were able to gain access to an open terrace.

At the opening, toilets were piled up in a corner while a staircase lead us towards the big dome.

We gave the stairs a quick test then started climbing.

Once we reached the top we were on the roof of the hotel. Sweet!

Overlooking the busy intersection below.

Walking along the wall, we had to be careful of the wires tripping us. The gaps here overlook the 27th floor rooms.

The buildings across the street.

The hotel next door.

The elevator service room, we only took a peek from the outside.

By the time we finished exploring it was getting dark, we got down safely, made sure no one was around and locked the gates.

SamHotel Rooftop Adventure

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  1. Horace

    LOL, another adventure? The whole thing reminded me a bit of Half-Life. I was expecting a secret science lab up beneath that dome! Love the shot with the sunset at the distance.

    So..did you end up taking a room on the 27th floor??

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