France – Paris to Normandy

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Going back in time a bit to our trip to France in May. A few weeks ago I posted a few film shots taken with the Yashica Mat-124G.

Arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. We have very little French between the 2 of us.

Once we picked up our rental car, a Å koda Citigo, we headed West and go out of the busy city. We followed some small country road and eventually stopped at a town called Vernon for a coffee break.

And happen to be market day so we browsed around and bought some fresh fruits.

We passed by the town of Pacy-Sur Eure and I had to pull over to check out the strange looking trains on the tracks.

We did some exploring and a gentlemen let us in to explore the trains! We could only communicate via pointing

Some train carts were from the 1900s. They were built to transfer the rich & powerful from the ports to Paris and is equipped with A/C!

The controls within one of the engines.

The other curator shows up and give us more tours! I am super excited and Carmen is worried we will never make it to the guesthouse.

They ask if we are interested on a ride since they were going to move some trains around. We (I) instantly agreed and they fired up the 12 cylinder diesel engine.

They were switching tracks, disconnecting carts, it is like a big playground.

After 3hrs at the train depot we said goodbye and back on the road.

We arrived near dusk at the town of Putances. It was getting dark and we still had to find the guesthouse.

Arriving at Shamrocks Bed and Breakfast and greeted by our host Shirley and Carrie. It had taken us almost 10hrs while with a more direct route (and less stopping) is around 4hrs from Paris!

They had prepared a delicious meal and great conversation.

After a restful night we enjoyed the breakfast and hit the road again.

We stopped at a lot of small towns and along the way. They were all so scenic.
A really cool path we came across.

SamFrance – Paris to Normandy

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