Canoe Trip in Massasauga Provincial Park

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A few weeks ago Ludwik, Angela, Carmen & I went on a 3 day back country canoe trip. Massasauga Provincial Park is located near Perry Sound and all the sites are only accessible via boat access.

We had to rent the canoes from a nearby park and transporting to the launch area. It was my first time strapping a canoe to the roof, but it went ok.

Unloading all our packs and ready for launch at Three-Legged Lake!

It was an overcast day with a slight breeze and intermittent rain.

After 2 short portages we entered Georgian Bay, but the many islands shielded us from the elements.

Setting up our site while it is still early.

After setting up We went out exploring on different islands. The weather conditions changed rapidly throughout the day. Here the wind has picked up and the waves were getting choppy.

Dinner time!

The next morning we returned on the same path and went further south along Spider lake.

Arriving at our campsite high on this outcrop with a panoramic view over the lake.

Carmen filtering water while I take a break :)

After lunch Ludwik & I went on an excursion while the ladies stayed back to nap & collect firewood.

We paddled to the end of Spide Lake, crossed into Frog Pond, and loop back to the site.

Preparing for dinner. Though the site offered a great view it was also very windy.

Wild mushrooms.

Hanging out after all the chores are done.

It was so still the lake was like a mirror.

Next morning before sunrise, a layer of fog blanketed the entire lake.

Paddled out with Ludwik to check out other narrow passages.

Packed up all our gear and outward to Three-Legged Lake.

Good times!

SamCanoe Trip in Massasauga Provincial Park

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