Snowplate 2014 – Forest Whales

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Just got back from Snowplate, a 2-day outdoor Ultimate Frisbee Tournament situated in Sudbury, ON.
In 2012 we were the Flick of Seagulls.
In 2013, Carmen & I couldn’t go due to frost bite on her toes while snowshoeing in the Adirondacks region. Yikes.

This year we were able to join the epic team of the Forest Whales!

Leaving after work we arrive in Sudbury around 11pm to check-in.

Time to do some arts & crafts, decorating our own T-shirts. Theme is of course forest and whale related.

So many different styles and interpretations.

Bright and early the next day we gathered in the field house to layer up and listen to the briefings.

*Insert crazy whale sounds here*

It was a mix of sun and cloud with temperatures hovering around -20degC with wind chills.

Playing against Slag, which is a local Sudbury team.

Carmen laying out to score a point!

Epic layout by Dave!

Taking a break in between games to get warmed up.

There were some really elaborate costumes with the other teams.

At night we gathered to play a new game – Two Rooms and a Boom. It got really intense with too many lies!

Packing up in the morning, getting ready for play-off.

Weather was sunny and -32degC with wind chills. No problem for Forest Whales!

In the end, we placed 3rd out of 16 teams, our best finish so far!

Great weekend all around!

A video captured and compiled by Kevin Ha.

Below is a gallery with more photos!

SamSnowplate 2014 – Forest Whales

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