New York City: The People

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These are photos from last October but just got around to them. Carmen & I visited New York City last October for 4 days and roamed around the different boroughs. In this post I mostly want to focus on the people of New York that we encountered.

NYC is an amazing city – alive with countless events happening but mixed in with pockets of tranquility amidst the city life.

A big part of the NYC experience is through the massive subway infrastructure. From the local musicians, people watching, to different styles of trains/platforms, the 1-week pass is definitely a great deal!

Walking around Brooklyn looking over at the Manhattan skyline.

Main street Williamsburg.

It brought a smile to our faces when we watched the neighbors stop to chat and interact with each other.

Recently, I have been reading up on a lot of famous street photographers and they have inspired me to try more B&W conversions.

Met up with Jerry and he let me try out his Olympus OM-D for the day…he is not a good influence for my LBA! :)
He was such a good guide showing us a lot of local spots and also introducing us to the most delicious fried chicken.

Browsing around Chelsea Antiques Garage on Sunday, a lot of interesting vintage items and shopkeepers!

Union Square at night. Grab some chicken and rice on the go!

SamNew York City: The People

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