Hong Kong – 7/1 Protests & Wandering Around

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Just got back from a 2 week stint in Hong Kong. It is always amazing to feel the energy and momentum of this Asia World City.

This is just a collection of the photos as I travelled across different parts of the city.

View from the tram, a great way to take in the city and watch people go about their business.

Never stop learning.

A display against the new Government White Papers on ‘One Country, Two Systems’ policy in Hong Kong in Time Square, Causeway Bay. Which reminded me of a short series I posted in 2010 where students fast in front of the Hong Kong Legislative building.

On 7/1, the anniversary of the 1997 handover to China control. People took to the street to protest against the latest Government policies and request open voting by all citizens.

It was amazing to observe the passion and unity from the Hong Kong people, enduring the hot weather to make their voices heard and hope to maintain the freedom of speech. Organizers said over 500,000 protesters marched along the streets of Hong Kong.

Near the Ferry Terminal to Macau on the Kowloon side.

SamHong Kong – 7/1 Protests & Wandering Around

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