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Last week, while Horace & I were driving around we stumbled across a hospital in the midst of being demolished. It could be the wind or storm, but one of the fences was wide open so we couldn’t pass up the chance to go in and take a look.

One wing of the building is already getting torn up, while the other side is all stripped of any moveable objects.

Starting from the first floor, pretty sanitized and bright. Some parts reminded us of our previous exploration at Old Whitby Psychiatric Hospital

As we move to the higher floors there were water dripping pooling in the different rooms.

3rd floor, it is starting to feel like a horror movie set.

It is neat to see the evolution of the room colors over the years.

Luckily we had boots that were waterproof, don’t want to think about what is lurking in those waters….

A close-up view of the wing being demolished. We didn’t ventured there due to the unstable structures.

A dark and dry hallway. The tiles are cracking beneath our feet.

In the top corner of the building we came across what was previously the Operating Room.

Checking out some classic lights with mechanical linkages.

Simply mesmerizing to see the usual ‘clean’ room in a state of destruction.

The broken down walls.

Climb back out through the crack in the wall.

Took a photo outside as the building is probably completely torn down by now.

SamUrban Exploration – Abandoned Hospital

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