CNE – The Canadian International Air Show

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Over the Labour Day Long Weekend, I was fortunate to be able to watch the airshow overlooking the CNE from my condo. On Saturday I just stood outside my balcony but on Monday I was on the large patio on the 29th floor!

It was my first time watching an airshow and I stood with my jaw hanging down for the majority of time. Mike Wiskus piloting his Pitts Special. Here are more details of the performers.

Equipment used: Pentax K-5IIs with FA*300mm F/4.5 + 1.4X Teleconverter or Sigma 100-300mm F/4. The long distance added some haze to the images but I had a pretty different vantage point of the entire performance.

CF-18 Hornet. It was a bit hazy in the early afternoon but luckily that cleared up pretty quickly. Oh the sounds from their engine!

The Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team.

It was amazing to see them fly in formation and do loops with their wings almost touching!


Great War Flying Museum with four vintage aircraft in a simulated dog-fight.

Mig-17 flying low over the CNE grounds.

Beech 18 flown by Matt Younkin, it was super elegant and leaving beautiful smoke trails behind!

CF Snowbirds with 9 planes appears!

We were directly under their flight path and blown away by the noise, leaving us with big grins on our faces.

Fly-by the CN Tower.

Amazing aerobatic coordination.

I was even amazed at how quickly they could join up and get back into formation.

The Harvard Aerobatic Team returns at the end of the show and I was able to get a few close-ups.

SamCNE – The Canadian International Air Show

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