Exploring Minnesota State Fair

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At the end of August, Patrick and I were in Minneapolis for a business trip, we were fortunate to have a bit of time to explore the city upon arrival. The city


The city of St.Paul and Minneapolis separated by the Mississippi River. It is neat to see the revival of old mills converted into mixed residential use.

After work one day we got talking to some local folks and they recommend we go check out the Minnesota State Fair. It was getting late but we decided to try it out anyway!

We took the local express bus and arrived shortly after sun down.

We didn’t know that it is the largest state fair in the United States by avg. daily attendance. This year there the total attendance of the fair was 1,824,830!

A lot of interesting food choices served on a stick….alligator, pickle, deep-fried olives, syrup w/ bacon, etc….

Very interesting to explore the fairgrounds. Wish we could have seen more of the farming related events.

Just dropping into a free concert and resting our legs.

Midnight and taking the bus back to Minneapolis, a pretty interesting ride involving a lot of characters.
Bus driver had to stop and tell people they have to behave properly, which worked, surprisingly!

SamExploring Minnesota State Fair

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