Baby Photoshoot – Lailey

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Recently Horace & I went to Joyce & Jon’s place to do a baby photoshoot for their daughter, Lailey.

Even though we were shooting on similar gear – Pentax K-5ii body, Sigma 17-70mm for Horace and Pentax DA35mm F2.8 Macro for me, the outcome from composition and post processing were quite different.

So I picked out 5 images from each of us and want to see if you can guess which image is from who. I realize it is a tough challenge as lighting/location is pretty similar but feel free to give it a shot!

Lailey was really cooperative and let us pose her in different ways.

It was really fun to hangout with Joyce & Jon, they are so laid back (tired?) and also offer a lot of good advice to Carmen & I who are just starting our research to prepare for the little one!

So any guesses?
Horace : __ , __ , __ , __ , __.
Sam : __ , __ , __ , __ , __.

SamBaby Photoshoot – Lailey

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  1. Ian

    My guesses (some based on composition / what i know about the lens), other based on style. I find Horace likes the heavier post processing effects, while Sam likes more fill light. .. let me know how i do.. i might be way off base lol.

    1) Horace
    2) Sam
    3) Horace
    4) Horace
    5) Sam
    6) Sam (not sure)
    7) Horace (not sure)
    8) Sam
    9) Horace
    10) Sam

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