Photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2

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This past week, while holding Amber in one hand and working on the computer, I decided to go through my photos on my cellphone. Here are 10 images from around Toronto over the years.

To those that know me, I don’t use my cellphone much and am really bad at picking up the phone….so most people resort to calling Carmen to look for me. Hence why I am using my dad’s hand-me-down Samsung Galaxy S2, to be honest I am very happy with the phone and it serves 99% of my needs for call/text/email/alarm. It is amazing that in these times a phone from 2011 feels so ‘ancient’.

The 8-megapixel camera is ok, the JPGs have a lot of artifacts from the over-sharpening, it can’t focus in dim lights, and the high ISO performance is poor. But I have used it a lot actually for causal documentation and sometimes even reminders.

Sometimes the S2 is the only camera I have on me. I don’t use cellphone cameras much as it requires 2 hand operation, settings are difficult to adjust, and it takes a bit to load up. But like prime lens challenges, I also enjoy working with and around these limitations to capture the moment.

Sometimes with less dynamic range force me to study the light more carefully to work with the sensor.

Focus on composition and lines.

Find humor in daily life. :)

In the end, the camera that I can use at the moment is the best camera!

SamPhotos with my Samsung Galaxy S2

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