Amber at 2 Months.

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Reporting in what has happened in the past month with baby Amber.

A quick comparison with some photo from when she was 1 month old, you can see she had definitely gotten chubbier!

Amber has been sleeping well at nights, bed time from 9pm to 7:30am, waking up for feeding at 2 and 6am. She has the biggest smile when we say good morning to her.

“What does this dial do?!!” – Makes daddy very proud.

Truly Carmen’s daughter…multi-color with every outfit.

She loves bath time! She always seems shocked when her bum touches the water, but then she would relax and enjoy the warm bath.

We would take the opportunity to give her funny hair styling.

Enjoying some down time in her comfy bouncy chair. We are lucky if she stays in for 20min.

SamAmber at 2 Months.

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