Little Amber 3 Months Old

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Bedtime 9pm to 7am. Rish & Shine. It is already spring and little Amber is 3 months old and at 12lbs now.

She is eating/sleeping well. Poops a lot.

Quick look at: 2 Months, 1 Month, 1 Week, and Newborn we can see her gaining new skills and becoming more aware.

It has also great to bring family together, we don’t plan much but to eat and watch Amber.

Someone has a sweet tooth…

Hanging out in Paris & London with Uncle Horace and Auntie Maureen. Both cities are in Ontario..hehe.

Trying out how she would look like with long hair…ha!

This is her toy fort, she is starting to grab at the rings.

The guessing game that doesn’t stop till you get it right.

She definitely recognizes mom and smiles every time she sees Carmen.

Tastiest knuckles in the whole world.

SamLittle Amber 3 Months Old

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