Nikon F3HP – Roll 1

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Recently I came into possession of a Nikon F3 Package. I am very excited to own this legendary photojournalist camera that was introduced in 1980.

The Package includes 5 lenses, 1 tele-converter, 2 interchangeable viewfinders, 2 focus screens, and 2 flashes.

Kicking things off I put in a roll of a ASA400 B&W film and below are the results.

Of course I picked on Amber for many of the photos.

24 shots, no reviews, just click and rewind.

It is quite a shift to think in terms of B&W, sometimes the colors just blend in. Focus on the lighting and composition.

Enjoying early Spring with Catherine at Liberty Village!

The F3 offers interchangeable viewfinders and I tried using the DE-3 High Eyepoint prism/finder.

The DE-3 lends to a new perspective to see the world but was difficult to confirm focus accuracy via the split prism.

I used only the 35mm F2.0 lenses for this roll of film. The all-metal MF lens feels is so smooth and great for zone focus.

I wanted to try more street photography with this camera, so I left the exposure on Auto mode, still learning how it quirks.

SamNikon F3HP – Roll 1

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  1. Horace

    It’s refreshing to see some B/W. Seems like some of the shots are underexposed though. Do you know why? Is the metering mode on “spot”?

  2. Carl

    Congratulations. I came across this while fondly remembering the used F3HP I bought while at McMaster in the early 1990s. I used it for years doing photojournalism and there’s nothing like a flagship all metal camera. I miss the whirring of the MD4 motor drive too, it was great for holding on to the camera. And Tri-X and P3200 film…

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