Amber the Little Mermaid

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I had the mermaid idea and approached Kyra, the lead designer for the Spin Master Knits Cool Knitting Studio.

She was very patient and taught me how to use the knitting studio. It was quite fun to use and I now know how to cast on/off & adding/removing stitches! Photo credit Toy R Us.

I was trying to surprise Carmen so had to steal a pair of Amber’s PJs for sizing and sneak in 20min of knitting time during lunch hours. Here Kyra is fixing a few of my knitting mistakes!

Shooting day required components: 1 baby (preferably one that doesn’t roll), 1 knitted mermaid tail, 1 knitted headband (optional), 1 pair of large pants.

Amber was kicking too much so I had to wedge both of her legs into 1 pant leg….mommy was not happy with me.

Testing the setup.

Horace meticulously setting up the scene.

Stop grabbing the fishies!

Finally all pieced together :)

Photo with Uncle Horace in between setups.

2nd setup: Swimming in the Ocean.

Overall a pretty fun DIY project and learn the fundamentals of knitting.

SamAmber the Little Mermaid

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