Amber is ONE Year Old!

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Amber just celebrated her 1st birthday this past weekend. Can’t believe it has already been 1-year since her birth.

Trouble….she knows where the snacks cabinet is…

She loves to crawl all over the place and explore.

Bath time is with daddy. Newest discovery is anti-gravity duck that is suctioned to her back..haha!

Finally she can sit comfortably in the high chair made by her grandparents.

Pretty comfortable & roomy.

She enjoys helping us with the laundry, dragging the clothes all over.

Once in a while she will sit still can read a book by herself, babbling along as she goes.

At St.Lawrence Market with Uncle Horace. Stripes are the latest fad.

Her new favorite toy, pushing the cart around. But she can only go straight at the moment!

Been really busy lately so updates have been a bit sparse, Carmen has been doing more frequent updates via her Instagram account, so you can follow her and get more updates!

It is amazing to look back at the past year and all the development Amber has gone through. Looking forward to Year 2!

SamAmber is ONE Year Old!

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  1. Nicole C.

    Wow, these are fantastic pictures! Great job capturing these precious moments, Sam. What a cutie :) and love the comments too – made me chuckle more than once!

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