Snowplate 2016 – Forest Whales

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Returning from our annual tradition of Snowplate, a 2-day outdoor Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Sudbury, ON.

Our team consisted of 8 guys and 7 girls, playing a total of 6 games over the 2 days.

Quick recap of our past years:
In 2011, the Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs.
In 2012, the Flick of Seagulls.
In 2013, Carmen & I were snowshoeing in the Adirondacks.
In 2014, the beginning of the Forest Whales Spotters!
In 2015, Amber was born (no frisbee…)!

This year the venue changed to Minnow Lake, so we were playing on top of a frozen lake!

We brought along tarp and a tent to help keep our stuff dry and Amber warm.

She has no idea what is going on….

Playing our first game against One Point. They were a lot of fun and full of spirit!

Destin laying out for the point!

4 games on the lake at the same time.

End of the day, 2W-2L.

Next day we woke up to a fresh layer of snow. Combined with windchill it was -22degC (-8degF).

The clubhouse this year is in the Plaza Hotel on the shore of Minnow Lake.

My mom was super supportive and came along to take care of Amber while we were playing.

All the teams getting ready for the playoffs.

Trekking out to the open field, it gets pretty windy in the open area.

Setting up our sidelines, we only used the tarp as our tent was getting blown away in the wind.

Other teams are very well prepared!

Spirit game – Human toss. See who can throw their teammate further.

We definitely need more practice!

It was snowing hard and combined for the wind, made for a pretty tough game.

Good times and no injuries!

Until next year!

SamSnowplate 2016 – Forest Whales

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