Liberty Out!

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We recently moved out of our condo in Liberty Village, we are staying at my parent’s place for a few months till we settle into a new place.

It was pretty hectic packing for the move, we took 2 full days to pack while Amber was in daycare. Mad dash to the finish!

It was a bitter sweet feeling. We enjoyed living downtown walking everywhere, now we drive to work. But at the same time we can spend more time with my folks!

Amber is coping well with the move, she has a big room for her own (and the living room too…).

She likes to go exploring at the front yard.

Uncle Horace take her on neighbourhood strolls.

We have a tomato plant! Grandma takes Amber out to water it everyday.

This one is a bonus…for Canada Day. :)

SamLiberty Out!

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