Taiwan – Yilan County [宜蘭縣]

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After 3 days in the Taichung Area [臺中市], we drove across to the Eastern coast area of the island – Yilan County [宜蘭縣].

Yilan [宜蘭] is famous for its natural hot springs and scenic coastal drive. We headed south from the city and drove along the fishing towns.

View from above, such cool overlay of details!

Awesome expanding coffee truck. There were quite a few Delica models in Taiwan.

Small village tucked in an alcove.

We drove to a small fishing village at one of the dead end roads and stopped for lunch.

We sat beside local fishermen and it was really fresh seafood!

We took another road and reached the town that we saw from above earlier in the day. The temple is very elaborate, the locals pray for safety while at sea.

Selling dried salted fish.

We drove through the Northern coast on our way to Taipei. Along the way we stopped at Jiufen Old Street [九份老街]

It was raining heavily but such a charming district with narrow streets, unique shops, and lots of snacks!

The two cousins becoming good friends :)

The last 2 days we roamed around Taipei, taking it easy.

Of course more night market!

Need shoes?!

Flying back to HK, to catch our connection back home.

Taiwan was a great vacation location. We found the people very friendly, a nice touch of design in all aspects. And the food is great!

SamTaiwan – Yilan County [宜蘭縣]

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