Amber is TWO Year Old!

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It is so much fun to see post from 1 year old and how much has changed.

We were living with my parents for 6 months and it was a great time of bonding and exploring for Amber.

Going on play dates and making friends. Now learning how to share (working on it…)

Showers are fine, but brushing teeth is NOT!

Our ‘safe’ areas are getting smaller and smaller. She can now grab anything on tables/cabinets, especially food!

Trip to HK beginning of the year! I am still working on those photos.

Urban snowman, building a mini version from our balcony.

Helping grandpa shovel the driveway.

Carmen is posting frequent updates via her Instagram account, so you can follow her and get more updates!

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Arts & Craft time with mommy.

Overall, so much silliness, singing, tears everyday at this toddler stage.

It is fun to look at previous posts! Looking forward to the next year!

SamAmber is TWO Year Old!

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