Macro – Jumping Spider

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A fun little post on something that crossed my desk. This little jumping spider was wandering around my keyboard one night, it was so small that Carmen even chose to ignore it instead of requesting …

SamMacro – Jumping Spider

What the bug?

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Found this interesting bug while out in the backyard today. It seems to have characteristics from a few different species, maybe they are conspiring against us with a super advanced species! It was trying very …

SamWhat the bug?

Terracotta Workers

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Archaeologists discovered the tireless Moon Sand workers at a factory situated at Zhongshan, Guangdong (中山市, 廣東). The numbers are estimated to be in the thousands and continue to multiply! Flying out tomorrow to Toronto, Karen …

SamTerracotta Workers

First Snow of 2008

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It is always so quiet and peaceful after snowfall. The blanket of snow give everything a new surface. Lester Street. I predict in a few years all these houses would be torn down and be …

SamFirst Snow of 2008

Kimchi Diet

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So a while ago, we realized that Kimchi is getting fat. AJung performed the fat test (see if his can fit all his legs into the shell) and Kimchi failed spectacularly. The instructions on the …

SamKimchi Diet